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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Any Trained Body Emerges Above a Wonder.

Indonesia is a country very rich in culture, various kinds of art found there, such as dance, masks, puppets, to the artistry that relies on strength of body and a bit of magic like the whistle and reog ponorogo.
Debus is a martial art from Banten. This art was created in the 16th century, in the reign of Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin (1532-1570).
Debus, an art which demonstrates the remarkable human ability, immune to sharp weapons, fire resistant, hard drinking water, insert objects into a whole coconut, fry an egg on the head and others.

Reog is a traditional Indonesian dance form. There are many types of Reogs in Indonesia, but the most famous one is Reog Ponorogo. reog players should be able to lift the mask reog weighing up to 50kg using only his teeth. and the other players are required to escort dancer performing acrobatics as reog.
Two art should only be done by the players who are trained, because a very large risk to be covered if something goes wrong. this is what is meant by Any Trained Body Emerges Above a Wonder.

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