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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Studio 76, Jewelry Course, Make Your Own Silver Creation

Studio 76 is the place to learn to make silver (jewelry and other crafts). This is a favorite place for tourists to learn to make their own jewelry.

Studio 76 is a silver studio founded by Mr. Agus, who also worked as a guide to tourism in Yogyakarta. in between the busy life as a guide, he gave courses to the tourists who want to learn to make jewelry from silver. because it's busy the course is recommended for enthusiasts, to make an appointment first before coming to this place.

Learn to make silver package offered by this studio are:

  • Short Course. 3-4 hours learning about the making of silver with a short practice tutored by Mr Agus. dikenanan cost is Rp 150,000 for 1 person, Rp 125,000 (2-3 persons), Rp 100.000 (4-6 people).
  • Full Day Course. 7 hour package from 9.00-16.00 (1 hour lunch break). at a cost of Rp 250,000 for 1 person, Rp 225.000 (2-3 persons), Rp 200.000 (4-6 people)
  • Weekend Course, the course Saturday and Sunday, with a time of 9.00-16.00 (1 hour lunch break). at a cost of Rp 2,500,000 (2 persons) and an additional Rp. 1.000.000/orang for additional participation.

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