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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lombok Island. Beautifull Island Around Bali

Lombok now appears to be on the verge of a tourist boom. With the commercialization of Bali over the past few years, and with it the accompanying traffic and reduction in open, natural spaces, many tourists are discovering the charm of 'Undiscovered' Lombok.
With this new interest comes the development of a number of boutique resorts on the island serving quality food and drinks, but just a stones throw away from rural, unspoiled countryside — much as Bali was decades ago.

Lombok is marketed as an unspoiled paradise with superlative diving. The "three Gilis" are most famous:
* Gili Trawangan (Sasak for "Island") or Trawangan Island, is the largest and has an abundance of fine food and accomdoation from budget hostels to 6 star resorts and villas.
* Gili Meno (Meno Island) is famous for its turtle hatcheries and internal salt lake- very popular for familie4s with children. Accommodation is basic and many hippies and backpackers frequent here.

Additionally the Gili islands are undergoing a major coral "re-afforestation" program, using "Bio-Rock" technology- Mr Davies, owner of Malia’s Child bungalows on Gili Meno, funded five new Bio-Rocks. The Bio-Rock (Thomas Sarkasian inventor) technology is relatively simple yet hugely effective in restoring damaged marine environments- where land-fabricated iron or steel structures are fed 6 volt DC current thus stimulating deposits of calcium carbonate- the basic building block of coral. Coral rapidly colonize these structures.

* Gili Tepekong where the enormous mola-mola or [[ocean sunfish] along with manta rays emerge during summers off Gili Tepekong.
* Gili Air is marketed as still a backpacker mecca- with many cheap student huts available. It is also famous for the laid back nocturnal beach parties.

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